360° Virtual Tours
for Showrooms

360° Virtual Tours
for Showrooms

Bring your showroom to your customers

While current health restrictions have forced a lot of businesses to resort to scheduled in-person visits, you can still provide 24/7/365 access to your showroom by creating a digital 360º virtual tour.

At LookBeforeYouBook.tours we do 360° virtual tours differently…and better.

Our virtual tours provide the viewer with an experience as close to being there in person as possible, while also offering the ability to learn more about your products and services, and ultimately contact you.

Virtual Tours with a Robust Feature Set

We have many features available to incorporate into your virtual tour. Our process helps us identify the most effective mix to ensure your virtual tour visitors have the best experience.

Responsive Design

Our virtual tours are built to reach the widest audience. We create HTML5 tours to resolve on all platforms and devices whether Macintosh, Windows, iOS or Android, desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Hotspot Navigation

Hotspots navigation allows users to easily navigate through your showroom.

Visited Hotspots Indicator

To help users know what artwork they have viewed, we add a “check circle” to the hotspots once they have visited the scene.

Detailed Content Hotspots

Add detailed content hotspots to promote specific products or collections. The hotspots can display product information pages directly from your website.

Product Information Pages

Using hotspots in the tour, we are able to link to you existing websites product pages. We can also create custom product pages.

Thumbnail Photo Navigation

A thumbnail overlay window is included so users can see all rooms/areas at a glance and quickly switch to a specific area of your showroom.

Photo Galleries & Videos

Extend the use of your existing digital assets by adding photo galleries and videos to your tour. These are a great way to showcase for product installation examples.

Company Information Page

Provide tour viewers with information about your company and how to contact you directly from the tour.

Embedded Google Map

A Google map is built right into the virtual tour provide the viewer with the ability to see your exact location without having to open a new browser window.

Social Media Exposure

Maximize you exposure with our social share feature. Users can share the virtual tour on numerous social media platforms directly from the tour. We create a link to share that will start the tour on the exact scene and angle they are currently viewing.

Post Your 360°
Photos to Facebook

Drive traffic to your virtual tour and website by posting 360° photos from your virtual tour directly to Facebook.

Google Street View Support

Increase your company visibility and search results ranking on Google with our Google Street View feature. We can add select 360° photos from your virtual tour directly to Google Maps.

google analytics

Google Analytics Integration

Learn what your visitors are most interested in. Adding your Google Analytics ID to your tour allows you to see what artwork/scenes in your tour gets the most views.

Ambient Audio and
Voiceover Narration

Use ambient background audio to enhance the user experience or include voiceover narration for scenes and specific items to create a guided tour for viewers.

ambient audio vr tours
vr tours

VR Capable

Our tours are VR capable allowing your audience to experience your exhibitions in an even more immersive experience with a VR headset.

See for yourself. Take our Housewares International tour for a spin.

Let’s Talk About You

We'd be happy to speak with you about your goals and objectives. We can also host a Zoom call with you to demo a few of our virtual tours and their features. Please complete the form below or feel free to call us directly.

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